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We plan, recommend, carry out, and manage your online strategies. Our primary focus is to bring you as many clients as possible. We create online branding and authority presence through a multi-site network that captures a lot of the 1st page traffic of Google for your industry.

Now that the paradigm shift from conventional offline search to online internet search has occurred, many companies find themselves struggling with outdated conventional methods of marketing that don’t work well anymore. Web Excel Inc. re-establishes the competitive edge in marketing for companies. We establish robust marketing strategies online that make our clients highly visible in the 80% traffic zone for their industry.


SEO Advice For Your First Website

OK to prevent mishaps when you initially start out is  important when starting up a fresh website. The 1st thing you should really do is to be very slow and mindful in choosing your website name. Most people including yours truly here, have a “sudden idea” and go get a domain name at once simply because they merely cost 5 or 10 dollars  But you will find good reasons to slow down and consider the domain name for as long as a week. a week you say? Yes.  And here is the reason why:

The various search engines utilize the domain name as being a prime indicator of what your website is about. A search robot will document the words in your domain name and after considering your complete site, it will determine one main phrase that best describes what your website is all about. And the vast majority of the time, the term it chooses as your most relevant phrase will be within your domain names text someplace. So let’s just say you had a plan to make a site called “KatiesKorner” since your name is Katie, and you sell hot dogs on the street corner. You selected a “K” for “Korner” mainly because in your vision, you intend to use a logo using a giant “KK” on it that would help with local branding and advertising. All Great ideas but…

You do NOT want to to go buy KatiesKorner dot com , you want “hotdogsonkatiescorner.com” to ensure that when an individual searches for “what was that hot dog place on the corner called” they’re a lot more likely to see your Internet site within the listings. They are only going to seek out “KatiesKorner” if they already remember you. And when they already remember you why do a search in the first place? The point is you need your domain name to have the words inside it that individuals are typing for the search. It is essentially the most important thing when you start to build a new web-page. In my case, I thought I wanted my site to be about making money online so I named it makemoneyteam.com. But I soon understood that those particular keywords are almost impossible to compete for and I had to switch my websites targeting to free advertising sites instead. I paid dearly for that mistake in terms of time and effort lost.

Another common blunder is launching the web page much too quickly. The web page should be completely done, spell checked, and all S.E.O. and header information done with no need to make more changes. In the event the site is up and running for 3 weeks as you tweak this and that the search robot might misunderstand this as a lot of “seo tweaking” and it may cause your rank to drop because the bots believe you are attempting to trick them. (which is a gross over-simplification however I merely spared you the jargon… (your welcome).

in addition you can analyze your websites keywords and more 100% free simply by going to this website.

So whenever you are starting a website, starting the process slowly and diligently pays off.

You should differentiate between a blog and a website. Using a blog, it is just the opposite, the more often you change stuff around the better (not the meta data but readable content). More fresh content is what blogs are for. But Google prefers a website to be “solid and permanent” information in my experience. The search engines like Google are better with that compared to what they had been though. A couple of years in years past one changed  paragraph on my small top of the page would drop me by about 5 places in the search results.  It is way better than that now, but still you will find there’s a limit to how much you can change an Internet site without it resulting in a temporary fall in rankings. In particular the structure. If when you designed the website, you used “on-page css” for the styles and colors, and then down the road you know to use a remote css file and “call out to it” in order to lessen the amount of code on the main page, that’s something that needs to have been done prior to when the Internet site was launched and the change will likely spark a temporary reduction in rankings. Your website will recover usually inside a week or two but starting slower and more methodical could have avoided it.

That’s all I have got for today but if I recall more past screw-ups I’ve made I will show you how to steer clear of them! Thanks for spending time here!